Patrick Sheehan

Patrick Sheehan

Owner & Founder

Patrick Sheehan has a passion and a vision for building that is evident in each and every project performed by Sheehan Built Homes. He started building mountain homes in north Georgia in 2003 and then migrated to the greater Atlanta area with custom homes and community development.

Patrick is a native Atlantan and has used his knowledge of the area to build some of Atlanta's most desirable homes. His experience and his strong relationships with the local trade base allows Sheehan Built Homes to put more value and more quality craftsmanship in every home we build. Patrick's strong work ethic is balanced with his great love of the outdoors and his family.

Wendy Sheehan

Wendy Sheehan

Owner & Controller

Every structure needs the support of a solid foundation - Wendy is an integral part of Sheehan Built Homes. No matter your project, you're bound to work with Wendy somewhere along the way. She deftly handles every financial, technical, and administrative facet of the business - pretty much everything in the office, short of renovating it.

Wendy's proven experience in real estate includes deals worth almost $2.5M. She's worked on developing properties from raw land, as well as leased and managed residential and commercial property. A Georgia-licensed real estate agent, Wendy completes Sheehan Built Homes' full suite of residential services.

For Wendy, job satisfaction comes from doing things right and contributing to this accomplished family-run business.

Photography courtesy of Marcigliano Photography